Welcome and thank you for visiting the New Creations Photography Studio website and taking the time to read who I am and what I am about.


My name is Natasha and I am the owner and photographer at New Creations Photography Studio.

I am blessed to be a mom of two beautiful little girls, Aria who was born August 2017 and Grace who was born December 2015. I have an amazing, loving and super supportive husband who takes such good care of us all and really loves spending family time with me and my girls.


I run my business from my professional home studio in Madeley, and therefore can keep my prices reasonable and affordable for most. I truly believe that beautiful professional photos should not cost the world, that is why you will see my prices reflect that belief. 

I consider myself to be a  dynamic woman with a deep passion for life, love and things that bring joy to my life and others. I tend to bubble over and even battle to curb my enthusiasm when it comes to the things in life that i am truely passionate about - photogrpahy being one of those things.


As i am a bit of a perfectionist and i tend to give more than the 100% that most come to expect when sighing up for one of my sessions. I believe that being honest and having honor in what you do builds one of the the greatest foundations for any relationships, business or personal.


Photography for me started as hobby that i was passionate about, but has turned out and into much more. 


It demands respect, a passion to create something that is only seen to your eyes in that specific way that no one else sees it; love, patience, tender care and understanding regardless of the age of the person  you are working with. 


Those qualities are vital in my role as a photographer because when i agree to take your photo, i take it upon myself to make sure that you, my client gets beautiful images of your most precious and happiest moments.  


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I look forward to hearing from you and taking beautiful photos for you real soon.

Kind regards


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